SIM-card remote control

SIM-card type for remote control

To use our remote controlled relays and switches you will need a SIM-card from your favorite network operator. Many operators offers free pre-pay SIM-cards that needs to be charged with money once to activate it and then once a year to keep it active. This can differ from operator to operator, please check with you network operator if unsure. The chosen network operator need to have a 2G/GSM network for it to work with our devices. Look at THIS LIST of network operators in Europe. Look for "GSM" beside your preferred network operator. If "GSM" is present, the network operator is compatible!

Many network operators markets their SIM-cards as "3G", "4G" or "LTE" but they often have a 2G/GSM network to fall back on when there is no 3G/4G/LTE coverage or the unit that the SIM-card is use in do not support 3G/4G/LTE.

As our units only uses SMS and phone calls to remote control, the SIM-card do not have to have a data plan or internet enabled.

To reduce SMS delay it can be a good idea to have the same network operator in the unit as in the mobile phone controlling it.

Pre-paid or subscription SIM-card?

You can choose either a pre-pay or a subscription SIM-card to use with our remote controlled relays and switches. The pre-paid SIM-card is often the easiest and most economical choice but they often needs to be refilled once a year to keep it active, which you have to remember. Many network operators offer a special subscription for these kinds of remote control devices that guarantees delay free SMS and phone calls for demanding applications.

SIM-card type?

Our remote controlled relays and devices uses either the SIM-card type "Micro-SIM" or "Mini-SIM"; please look at the illustration below. Most network operators will deliver a "multi" SIM that has all sizes pre punched.